Cedar Valley Gymnastics Academy was founded in 2006. Our mission at CVGA is to help every child reach their full potential as a gymnast. We are committed to helping each child become a responsible, self-confident, self-disciplined and valued individual.


Benefits of Gymnastics

  • Stay fit - Gymnastics builds muscle strength and flexibility for the whole body.
  • Builds self confidence - Gymnasts set individualized goals and strive to accomplish those goals: lessons for life.
  • Builds self discipline - A skill that carries over at home, school, and other activities.
  • Gymnastics is a great foundation sport - It develops a strong and flexible body while increasing coordination, balance and kinesthetic awareness.
  • Most of all.....IT’s FUN!

“Gymnastics is a terrific sport for young people. Gymnastics can provide opportunities for physical development, character development, and education that are hard to find anywhere else.”
Dr. Bill Sands

Our Coaches

CVGA takes pride in our experienced coaching staff and small gymnast to coach ratio. Each gymnast receives individualized attention and instruction. Call us for a free trial class! Our rec facility is open Monday-Friday 4:30pm-8:00pm and Saturday 10:00am-12:00pm. Come visit!

Kailah Davenport - Kailah is the Head Coach for the girls competitive team, levels 4-6. She has a background in dance and has coached gymnasatics for Cedar Valley Gymnastics Academy, both recreational and team, since August of 2007. 

Kevin CrowleyKevin is the Head Coach for the optional competitive girls team levels 7-10. Kevin competed for Iowa Gymnast. He opened his own gym in Merced, CA.  He sold the gym in 2003, and has been coaching in Waterloo since. He joined CVGA in 2006. 

Kandi Klacik - Kandi coaches girls competitive team, levels 4-6, and Excel Level 2/3 competition team.  She has coached for over 5 years at Triad, Sapphire, Urbandale and Cedar Valley Gymnastics.  She was also a competitive gymnast through level 9. 

Alyssa Gruye - Alyssa coaches the Xcel competition team and recreational classes.  She was a competitive gymnast for 13 years competing through level 8. 

Jessica Weber - Jessica coaches Xcel competition team, assists with level 4 competition team, and Dyna-Mites.  She was a competitive gymnast for 7 years and has been coaching with CVGA since 2006.

Amy Becker - Amy coaches Training Team and Level 2.  She began gymnastics at 3 years old and has participated in competitive cheerleading.

Emily Jensen - Em coaches preschool classes.  She participated in gymnastics for 9 years, dance for 14 years, and been coaching since 2010.

Amber Gruye - Amber is the Head Coach for the boys team level 4 and coaches recreational boys